Application of flexible graphite in high temperature melt ge

Flexible graphite is a familiar seal material. Can it be used for shaft seal of high temperature melt gear pump? If so, why do not you see it in real situations? According to various information, flexible stones have the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good self-lubrication and relatively high compression resistance.

This is probably an ideal material for high temperature melt gear pumps. However, up to now, there are still many people who do not know enough about the scope of the use of flexible graphite. It is generally believed that flexible stone is commonly used for static sealing points, but also for semi-dynamic sealing points like valves. If used in dynamic sealing points, due to mechanical friction, flexible graphite will be destroyed quickly, because it is brittle. The flexible graphite after loading is fragmental or granular in the stuffing box. Therefore, in some important sealing occasions, especially in dynamic sealing occasions, we dare not use flexible graphite rashly. So, if we really use flexible graphite to test on high temperature melt pump, will there be adverse consequences? First of all, it is necessary to analyze whether this is feasible. Some advantages of flexible graphite are just the shortcomings of other materials, but the plasticity is poor. Because of the good self-lubrication of flexible graphite, the mechanical friction will not be very large, and the filler will not be damaged quickly. If the machine is rubbed at high speed, flexible graphite may soon be damaged. But melt gear pumps are generally slow running equipment. Compressive strength is greater than the other two materials, and can also be prolonged by high-pressure melt and gland. Its high temperature resistance far exceeds the working temperature of high temperature melt gear pump (300 degrees Celsius).

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