extrusion gear pump systems

1. The relationship between energy efficiency and melt temperature rise of extrusion gear pump. The energy efficiency of high temperature melt pump is relatively low. In fact, the non-zero clearance layer of gear pump causes the transformation of mechanical energy to thermal energy due to viscous heat, so its pumping efficiency is much lower than 100%. The range of pumping efficiency is usually 15%-35%. The remaining energy consumption is mechanical loss (20%-40%) and viscous heat generation (40%-50%). It can be seen that the melt of the extrusion gear pump will withstand a larger temperature rise, typically 5-10 degrees Celsius. In extreme cases, the melt temperature rise can be as high as 20-30 degrees Celsius.

2, The extrusion gear pump volume efficiency characteristics. Because of the high viscous property of pumping polymer melt, the leakage of extrusion gear pump is very small, so it has relatively high volumetric efficiency.

3, The extrusion gear pump speed limit. Because the high temperature pump has the linear transmission characteristic, that is, the conveying capacity is proportional to the pump speed, in theory, even small high temperature melt gear pump can achieve high pumping capacity by increasing the speed. In fact, the high temperature melt pump not only has the highest speed limit, but also has the lowest applicable speed. High temperature gear pump speed is too low, energy efficiency drops sharply; too high speed, on the one hand, will produce negative pressure, easy to form cavitation, affecting the normal operation of gear pump, on the other hand, the melt shear heating intensifies, temperature rise is too high, easy to cause decomposition, while friction loss increases significantly with the increase of speed, thus seriously affecting the work of gear pump. Energy efficiency.

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