ZB-U spinning pump

ZB-U series spinning pump introduction:

ZB-U series spinning pump can precisely meter and constantly convey polymer melt to spinnerets. Gear metering spinning melt pump has a sophisticated structure, high precision, good repeatability, and widely used in medicine, detergents, paper, petrochemical, rubber, paints, polyurethanes and other fine chemicals and general chemical industries, especially for nonwoven extrusion. Main application of extrusion spinning pump is for large capacity melt conveying.

extrusion spinning pump      gear metering spinning melt pump

ZB-U extrusion spinning pump technical parameter:
◆ Pressure: high pressure
◆ Theory: positive displacement gear pump
◆ Material for Melt Pump Body: High temperature tool steel or chrome-nickel steel
◆ Material for Gear: High temperature tool steel or nitrided steel
◆ Material for Sliding Bearing: High temperature tool steel
◆ Shaft Sealing: Spiral sealing or packing sealing spiral and packing sealing or other combined sealing;
◆ Heating System: Electrical rod heating
◆ Working speed: about 5 to 60 rev / min

ZB-U gear metering spinning melt pump operating parameter:
◆ Number of Inlet: 1
◆ Number of Outlet: 1
◆ Outlet Pressure: 40MPa
◆ Working Rotation Speed: 5-30rpm
◆ Max. Differential Pressure: 35MPa
◆ Operation / Working Temperature: ≤330℃ (Max. 300 degree centigrade)
◆ Cleaning Temperature: ≤450℃ (Max. 450 degree centigrade)

Batte melt pump chinaplas:

batte extrusion melt pump chinaplas

ZB-U series spinning pump features and advantages:
◆ Smaller module and more teeth of work gears
◆ High accuracy
◆ Reduced unevenness flow
◆ Timely spinning fluid filled tooth valley
◆ Structural precision
◆ Good repeatability

ZB-U extrusion spinning pump cleaning methods:
◆ Calcination method
◆ Bath method (molten salt method)
◆ Chemical treatment method

ZB-U gear metering spinning melt pump applications:

batte melt pump case picture


Spinning pump is suitable for chemical, chemical fiber, food, biological, pharmaceutical and other industries, and widely used in precision measurement of polyester, nylon, spandex, carbon fiber, Kevlar, PSA, high-strength polyethylene, acrylic, polypropylene, vinylon, acetate fiber, viscose fiber, chemicals, oil, paint, thickeners, etc.

batte machinery zhengzhou CO., LTD:

batte melt pump factory

Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of melt pumps, gear pumps, metering pump and loss-in-weight feeders, volumetric feeders,screen changer in China. Batte has many experienced and outstanding plastic machinery talents, so it can continuously develop the new products by self-innovation or by introduction and absorbing new technology, meanwhile Batte also improves constantly the design of products and production technology service.Our pumps are widely used in plastic, resin, plate, sheet and rubber extrusion. For example, plastic extrusion machinery for PA, PP, PS, PE, PET, PC, ABS and so on is all using melt pumps to eliminate extruders' surge and screws' beat.

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