PID control system for extruder

Batte PID system introduction:
Batte PID control system for extruder adopts PID digital instrument + variable frequency control mode, and can control the pressure, flow, temperature, and speed automatically. This melt pump control system meets the higher basic needs of the users. The pump control system is completely with pressure, temperature, and flow control instrument, the outlet and inlet pressure sensor, and transducer with high performance.

PID melt pump control system

PID control system for extruder properties:
Flow Control
Start-up and shutdown automatically
S seres control system is designed with PLC control mode which is equipped with HM interface and can be operated by users under automatic and mannal control modes.
*2 Closed-loop pressure controls
*Top and bottom limitation pressure alarm
*3 separate temperature controls
*Flow Control
*Start-up and shutdown automatically
*Human-machine interface
*Continuous monitoring of the process values

batte machinery zhengzhou CO., LTD:

batte melt pump factory

Batte Melt Pump Zhengzhou Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of melt pumps, gear pumps, metering pump and loss-in-weight feeders, volumetric feeders,screen changer in China. Batte has many experienced and outstanding plastic machinery talents, so it can continuously develop the new products by self-innovation or by introduction and absorbing new technology, meanwhile Batte also improves constantly the design of products and production technology service.Our pumps are widely used in plastic, resin, plate, sheet and rubber extrusion. For example, plastic extrusion machinery for PA, PP, PS, PE, PET, PC, ABS and so on is all using melt pumps to eliminate extruders' surge and screws' beat.

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