Repair process of spinning metering pump

In the actual use of the spinning metering pump, it is necessary to repair the spinning metering pump regularly, which is divided into the following four aspects: cleaning, grinding, parts inspection, assembly. Zhengzhou Bart metering pump manufacturer will introduce you in detail.

Spinning metering pump cleaning: after the pump is decomposed, it is soaked in kerosene. The surface carbides of the parts can be brushed off, and the remaining carbides on the parts can be scrubbed or polished by gasoline soaked in fine sand paper or oil stone of W20-W28.

Spinning metering pump grinding: grinding each pump plate joint surface, gear end face, high pressure pump coupling end face. If the main shaft hole of the pump plate and the middle plate gear hole are not round, it should be repaired. W40-W20 grinding powder is used for coarse grinding and W10 or W16 diamond grinding green is used for fine grinding. The surface and the surface roughness must be up to the standard. There are burrs on the edges of the orifice and the edges of the teeth, and are polished with fine grits of more than 300.

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