Application of melt pump in polymer processing

  In the application of polymer processing, there are three types of melt pump gears: straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone teeth. The spur gear has a large strength, a large effective volume output under the condition of high output pressure, and a long service life, but the pulse is slightly higher than the helical gear. The pulse of helical gear is slightly lower than that of straight gear, but its compressive capacity is not as good as that of straight gear, which will produce axial load, and the long-term friction between the end face of gear and the shaft sleeve of rear cover plate will affect the service life.
Melt pumps for polymer production

  Herringbone tooth has the advantages of straight tooth and oblique tooth, but the shear force is large, which is easy to degrade the material. Therefore, gear should be selected according to the characteristics of materials. Batte's zb-b series gears and bearings are made of chrome nickel alloy and M2 high-speed tool steel; zb-h series are made of imported CPM tool steel or titanium tantalum alloy material, with overall quenching, hardness hrc62-68 and good wear resistance. The melt pump body is made of high-temperature tool steel or stainless steel (special for corrosion resistance), with a hardness of about HRC65, and a smoothness of 0.8 for flow channel and octagonal hole. There are three sealing methods: mechanical seal, mechanical packing seal and mechanical packing cold water triple seal.

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