How to prolong the service life of high temperature melt pum

  We buy the melt pump in order to meet the production and cleanliness standards. The quality, performance and service life of the equipment are related to the interests of users, so there should be no sloppy in these aspects. Under the condition of reliable quality and stable performance, we all hope that the service life of high temperature melt pump can be prolonged indefinitely, because this will benefit more.

  In reality, high temperature melt pump may have a series of faults, although not all, but even a little faults will lead to production decline and maintenance costs, so we should always pay attention to the dynamics of the melt pump, do a good job in daily maintenance. Today we will make detailed arrangements for extending the service life of the equipment.

  1. When in use, the high temperature melt pump should be strictly controlled, so that any good or bad can not escape their eyes, find problems and deal with them in time, and repair the parts that are not seriously damaged;

  Secondly, the replacement of parts and components should be of good quality and good performance, instead of purchasing by-products cheaply, which is a big taboo in the use of melt pumps.

  3. Making appropriate maintenance plans, such as meticulous maintenance of equipment according to regulations and case situations, so as to improve the professional competence and accomplishment of technicians;

  4. Operate the high temperature melt pump in the right way, and do not change the parameters of the production process machine and equipment privately. Users should always ensure the normal and stable operation of the melt pump.

  5. Melt pumps should be installed as far away from dampness and corrosion as possible. Impurities should not be allowed to enter the interior of the machine, and rust-proof paint should be repainted every other time.

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